An autumn stroll through Paris

Autumn in Paris is by far my favorite and with good reason. Red and yellow leaves twirl through the cobblestone streets as the soundtrack of "la vie en rose" dances on the wind, played enthusiastically by a local musician on his accordion, and you think "if only each day could carry a kiss just like this somewhere in it's arms".

Upon receiving Joshua and Crystal's email asking if I could come capture their afternoon in Paris, I joyfully replied how honored I would be, certain the session would not disappoint.

Crystal and I met 2 years ago - she was the most quirky, cheerful photographer I had ever met. Seeing her and Joshua together was to witness two people completely meant for one another, complimentary in their match - he the peace that balances her whirlwind. Yin and Yang, Joshua and Crystal.

I adore the way Joshua looks at Crystal and hope these images find a place in their home, kiss them on the cheek and whisper in their ears as they pass by "la vie en rose".

I'm a big fan of Crystal's work! It's gorgeous and she has realy mastered her style of photography. Go check it out!